Semiconductor Diode

  • Stephan J. G. Gift
  • Brent Maundy


手机体育投注平台The simplest electronic device is referred to as a diode. It consists essentially of two different materials in contact such that electric charge flows easily in one direction but is impeded in the other. Despite its simplicity, it performs an important role in electronic systems from the simple to the complex. In this chapter, we will discuss the nature and characteristics of the solid-state diode (i.e. one based on semiconductor material) as well as employ it in the design of modern electronic systems.

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  • Stephan J. G. Gift
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  • Brent Maundy
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  1. 1.Electrical and Computer EngineeringThe University of the West Indies, St. Augustine CampusSt. AugustineTrinidad and Tobago
  2. 2.Electrical and Computer EngineeringUniversity of CalgaryCalgaryCanada

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