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    Journal of Materials Science

    手机体育投注平台Volume 1 / 1966 - Volume 55 / 2020

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    Formation of single-crystal Cu2O strips in non-single-crystal CuO thin films by continuous-wave laser diode with micro-chevron laser beam ( \(\mu\) -CLB)

    Crystallization of thin film materials by exploiting laser-induced crystallization has been advancing for the past four decades. This unique thin film technique has pedominantly been used in processing thin fi...

    Brian Giraldo, Wenchang Yeh, Nobuhiko P. Kobayashi in Journal of Materials Science (2020)

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    Electrochemical studies on NH4MnPO4.H2O–rGO Hybrid Composite Synthesized via Microwave Route for High Energy Supercapacitors

    In the present study, as-synthesized pure ammonium manganese phosphate hydrate (AMP) is infused with rGOx variate (Xmg = 25, 50, 75, 100) and four different hybrid composites (AMPG1, AMPG2, AMPG3 and AMPG4) have ...

    T. Arul Raja, Palanisamy Vickraman, A. Simon Justin in Journal of Materials Science (2020)

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    Water-assisted formation of highly conductive silver nanowire electrode for all solution-processed semi-transparent perovskite and organic solar cells

    手机体育投注平台 Transparent conductive electrode (TCE) is an essential part of modern optoelectronic devices. Silver nanowire (AgNW) is regarded as the most promising TCEs, owing to its balanced conductivity and transparency,...

    Xue Sun, Wusong Zha, Tong Lin, Junfeng Wei, Irfan Ismail in Journal of Materials Science (2020)

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    Biomineralized zircon-coated PVDF nanofiber separator for enhancing thermo- and electro-chemical properties of lithium ion batteries

    As one of the components of the lithium ion batteries (LIBs), the separator plays a vital part in the safety and electrochemical performance. In this work, a ZrO2手机体育投注平台-ceramic-coated polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) nan...

    Shaojin Jia, Jiating Long, Jiwei Li, Shaohua Yang in Journal of Materials Science (2020)

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    Outstanding hydrogen production properties of surface catalysts promoted Mg–Ni–Ce composites at room temperature in simulated seawater

    The as-cast magnesium–nickel–cerium (Mg–Ni–Ce) alloys with nominal component (Mg–10 wt% Ni)1−xCex (x手机体育投注平台 = 0, 5, 10, 15 wt%) are optimized by high-energy ball milling (HEBM). Expandable graphite (EG) and molybdenum d...

    Xiaojiang Hou, Yi Wang, Kaiming Hou, Lu Yang, Hongchang Shi in Journal of Materials Science (2020)

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    Study on the superior lithium storage performance of carbon/Sn–Mo oxide composite as lithium-ion battery anode

    A facile generic solvothermal strategy is employed to prepare C/SnOx/MoOy手机体育投注平台 composite with evenly distributed C, Sn, Mo and O elements. The multi-element characteristic of active components and the introduction of ...

    Yanli Chen, Hu Peng, Heng Jiang, Jie Zhang, Xin Chen in Journal of Materials Science (2020)

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    Tailored crystalline structure and enhanced impact strength of isotactic polypropylene/high-density polyethylene blend by controlling the printing speed of fused filament fabrication

    手机体育投注平台 Fused filament fabrication (FFF) is the most commonly used 3D printing technology. In this work, the isotactic polypropylene/high-density polyethylene blend was used for FFF for the first time. A printing plat...

    Jie Leng, Xuanbo Gu, Rui Hong, Jie Zhang in Journal of Materials Science (2020)

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    An iron–carboxylate-based metal–organic framework for Furosemide loading and release

    An iron–carboxylate-based metal–organic framework, Fe-MIL100, has been synthesized using acid-free solvent at room temperature. Fe-MIL100 was prepared by combining Fe/H3BTC/NaOH/H2O (H3BTC = trimesic acid) at a m...

    Yanita Devi, Ignatius Ang, Felycia Edi Soetaredjo in Journal of Materials Science (2020)

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    Laser powder bed fusion of Al–10 wt% Ce alloys: microstructure and tensile property

    手机体育投注平台 The increasing potential for additive manufacturing technology continuously drives the need for printable materials, including novel aluminum alloys. Ce is considered an economically feasible addition that is ...

    Le Zhou, Thinh Huynh, Sharon Park, Holden Hyer in Journal of Materials Science (2020)

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    Mechanical, physical–chemical and biological properties of the new Ti–30Nb–13Ta–5Zr alloy

    手机体育投注平台 A technology was developed to obtain homogeneous Ti–30Nb–13Ta–5Zr alloy. The alloy was shown to consist of a pure β-crystalline phase and possesses requisite mechanical properties. The alloy surface exhibits m...

    Mikhail A. Sevostyanov, Alexey G. Kolmakov in Journal of Materials Science (2020)

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    Control of stoichiometry and morphology in polycrystalline V2O3 thin films using oxygen buffers

    In this work, we investigate the influence of low temperature reduction conditions (873 K) by different oxygen buffers on the off-stoichiometry of polycrystalline V2O3 thin films. Vanadium oxide thin films (thick...

    Jonathan A. J. Rupp, Benoît Corraze, Marie-Paule Besland in Journal of Materials Science (2020)

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    Sandwich-like SnS/N, S co-doped rGO/SnS structure with pseudocapacitance for high-performance Li- and Na–ion batteries

    SnS is considered as a promising anode candidate for next-generation Li- and Na-ion batteries due to its high theoretical capacity and large interlayer distance, which provides excessive space for intercalatio...

    Guilong Liu, Dong Sun, Xiaorui Li, Jiahao Liu in Journal of Materials Science (2020)

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    Scalable preparation of 2D boron nitride nanosheets and enhancement of UV absorption and thermal conductivity of cellulose nanofibers membrane

    手机体育投注平台 Hexagonal boron nitride nanosheets (h-BNNSs) are known to exhibit numerous prominent performances. However, scalable synthesis of h-BNNSs with a green, simple method has been difficult to achieve. In this stud...

    Zhen Wang, Yanjiao Zhu, Dong Ji, Zhifeng Li, Haibin Yu in Journal of Materials Science (2020)

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    Reconfigurable and tunable photo-controlled hydrogel using hydrogen bonding to drive molecule self-assembly and cross-linking

    手机体育投注平台 Reconfigurable micro–nanostructures have been largely used in the development of modern photocontrol technology. In this work, a dynamically adjustable hydrogel of supramolecule structures is realized by molec...

    Rui Li, Lanlan Wang, Jingshuang Dang, Lan Mi, Jie Han in Journal of Materials Science (2020)

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    Enhanced removal of copper(II) from acidic streams using functional resins: batch and column studies

    手机体育投注平台 The adsorption behaviour of copper(II) ions in acidic streams using different polymeric adsorbents (Lewatit MonoPlus TP 220, Lewatit MonoPlus SR 7, Lewatit AF 5, Purolite A 830, Purolite S 984, Purolite A 400 ...

    Anna Wołowicz, Zbigniew Hubicki in Journal of Materials Science (2020)

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    Wet corrosion of Al 1050 alloy in ethyl bromide-containing environment

    The natural passivity, or induced by anodizing process, does not always result in an effective corrosion barrier for aluminium when exposed to environments containing specific chemicals that can cause material...

    Mirko Rizzi, Ruben Beltrami, Mirko Magni in Journal of Materials Science (2020)

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    Thermophysical properties for hafnium carbide (HfC) versus temperature from 2000 to 5000 K (experiment)

    手机体育投注平台 Hafnium carbide HfC (at%: 42%C; 49%Hf; 7%O) was investigated under rapid heating by a current pulse, in a time of 5–8 μs. The temperature was measured by radiance of a flat surface of a carbide plate (thicknes...

    A. I. Savvatimskiy, S. V. Onufriev, G. E. Valyano in Journal of Materials Science (2020)

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    Investigation on electronic and mechanical properties of penta-graphene nanotubes

    Penta-graphene nanotubes (PGNTs), a type of novel one-dimensional materials, express excellent electronic, thermal and mechanical properties with great potential for inspiring unconventional optoelectronic dev...

    Huan Wang, Ning Ding, Ting Jiang, Feng Zhang, Xian Zhao in Journal of Materials Science (2020)

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    Mechanical enhancement of graphene oxide-filled chitosan-based composite hydrogels by multiple mechanisms

    Chitosan (CS) has become a favorable choice for synthesizing hydrogels due to its hydrophilic and biocompatible nature. However, achieving robust CS-based hydrogels remains challenging. Herein, we propose a mu...

    Yiwan Huang, Longya Xiao, Ju Zhou, Xuefeng Li, Jianxin Liu in Journal of Materials Science (2020)

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